ISSA's Live Training Experience

ISSA's Live Training Experience* is like an externship for new personal trainers. It gives you the unique opportunity to practice your client training skills (and gain confidence) while working alongside a seasoned personal trainer.

With the Live Training Experience, you receive comprehensive, one-on-one guidance from an experienced fitness professional who will take the time to show you the ropes, answer your questions, and demonstrate what it's really like to work as a personal trainer.

This experience will fully prepare you for a smooth transition to training clients on your own!

Gyms Want You! The Fitness Industry Needs You!

"We are signing up tons of new members every month and the opportunity to build a personal training business is there! It might even be better than it was before COVID due to the lack of people wanting to become a PT right now. Fewer people wanting to become a PT means more opportunities for the ones who do!"

Austin Johnson
National Personal Training Manager
Gold's Gym

live training experience

"As a rapidly growing franchise, I see that people need personal training services NOW more than EVER. In my opinion, this is one of the best times in history to build a career in health and fitness! We can't get enough superstar ISSA Certified Trainers right now!"

Brandon Daniels
Director Of Personal Training
Workout Anytime

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ISSA's Certified Personal Trainer - Top Trainer Package, you get ISSA's Live Training Experience:

  • Real-World Experience: With 20 hours of real-world personal training experience, you will:
    • Build the confidence needed to work directly with clients
    • Learn "tricks of the trade" from experienced fitness pros
    • Access to someone you can ask all of your questions, with an immediate response
    • Potentially be hired by the gym in which you do your live training
  • Hands-On Skill Building: Your Live Training Experience is comprised of 16 tasks . These tasks are designed to build and strengthen the skills needed to:
    • Design safe and effective training programs
    • Assess clients' fitness levels and needs
    • Close the deal when selling your personal training services
    • Communicate effectively with current and prospective clients
    • Collaborate with other gym employees
    • And so much more!

* Only available in the continental U.S.


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