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  • 95% of our students report they acquired a job or work related skills within 6 months of passing
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  • ISSA have been recognized as The Trainers' Trainer for over 28 years and in over 91 countries
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I was skeptical about becoming a fitness trainer. I too wondered if I could finish the course and if it would have any real value to me. But my ISSA CFT certification has been well worth the money and effort, and the business has tumbled in. Senior Fitness certification is next for me and who knows what will be next. Keep pushing and stay focused! You can do this! Lane Evans,
USPTA NC Board, ISSA CFT, ISSA CSFS, Director of Tennis & Wellness
Since founding Advanced Body Personal & Athletic Training Center, I have made it a practice to hire ISSA trainers. After going through the certification program myself I can put my trust in any ISSA trainer, so when I put them out on the floor I am fully confident that the client will be getting the best possible training. Coach Jim Massaro,
Owner, Advanced Body Personal & Athletic Training Center
I was referred to ISSA by a pro-body builder who turned full-time trainer at a Gold's branch. His exact words for me were: 'if you're serious about becoming a trainer, then do it right. Go with ISSA and you wont have any regrets. Ryan Sommer
I got a job at LA Fitness, 2 days after I passed the exam!!! Marylene Rosa
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