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Because your clients have goals that extend beyond fitness.

Learn how to help your clients achieve their goals in all areas of life, showing them how to make positive personal and professional changes so they feel less stressed and more fulfilled.

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Why become a Life Coaching Instructor?

If you’re looking to go above and beyond fitness coaching to help your clients, this Life Coaching course is for you. With modules on life coaching techniques, personality types, and goal setting, you’ll learn proven strategies for helping your clients achieve their dreams across other areas of their lives.

A big part of life coaching involves helping clients realize why they’ve been unable to reach their goals in the past. This requires the exploration of their core belief and values, bringing to light the ways in which their current behaviors are meeting some of their needs, making it more difficult for them to change their actions for more positive success.


What You'll Learn From This Course

Life coaches teach clients how to effectively set and reach their goals in various areas of life, some of which may pertain to their careers, personal relationships, and more. Upon completing this Life Coaching Course, you will:

  • Understand the many reasons why people turn to life coaches, and the role that these professionals play in helping their clients create a life that is more in line with their dreams

  • Identify and utilize the communication skills that are important to life coaching sessions, ensuring maximum understanding and trust in the coach-client relationship

  • Know how to collect and analyze client information, providing deeper insight not just into their desired goals but also the obstacles that are stopping them from making their goals a reality

  • Be able to recognize some of the most common personality types, along with knowing how to work with each type in a way that gets them closer to where they want to be in life

  • Gain the ability to help clients develop important life skills, such as those designed to reduce stress levels, improve time management, and cope with the challenges that come their way

  • Learn the strategies that are most effective for motivating clients as they work through the change process, ultimately resulting in lasting behavior changes that lead to goal maintenance

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Your New Career as a Life Coaching Instructor Starts Here

By adding life coaching to your current list of services, you’re telling your clients that you care about all their dreams – not just the ones that relate to improved health and fitness. You’re also telling them that you can help them achieve the goals they have in other areas of their life, which means that they don’t have to work with multiple coaches to get where they want. As long as they work with you, every dream they have is within reach.

In addition to being able to offer life coaching as an add-on service, the strategies, skills, and techniques you learn in this course will also help you in the personal trainer role. They will teach you how to read people and work with different personality types, which benefits you in all of your coaching positions, no matter which goals you’re helping clients reach.

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