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A Tribute to Frederick Hatfield from Dr. Sal Arria

Remembering Fred Hatfield 

As you can imagine, losing anyone is a very, very difficult and extremely emotional event to go through.   

Losing Fred is not only losing a brother, a partner and great friend for nearly 40 years, but I want you to know that the WORLD has lost one of the most influential fitness icons of all time.

Think about it.  

Fred influenced millions of people and positively changed countless lives, from the greatest athletes to “Mrs. Jones.”   

He influenced the millions who read his 60+ books.

He influenced millions throughout the years as an editor and writer for Joe Weider as well as all the various magazines who were lucky enough to publish his work. 

He influenced millions of people through his work at the ISSA. Imagine...his research, his life’s work, set the foundation for an entire industry! We’ve educated young and old and created jobs for hundreds of thousands of individuals who are passionate about health, fitness, and wellness. Day and night, our ISSA students are out there, changing the lives of people all over the world.

Not to mention all the radio, television and live seminars he did around the world and social media events he always so graciously did.

Anyone reading this knows that Fred changed the world for the better in many, many ways….and I sure hope you share your personal stories here to celebrate him and his legacy.

We have to inspire those after us….that’s what Fred would want.

So yes, the world today will deeply miss Fred “Dr. Squat” Hatfield, but we vow to not only keep his legacy alive, but to pass his passion, love and science on for generations to come, because he deserves nothing less.  

Fred, it is our honor to carry on.

You will always be a part of each of us here at the ISSA.

We’ll never forget you.

Love you, Fred.  

Your partner,

Dr. Sal Arria, CEO, Co-Founder
International Sports Sciences Association

PS - Knowing Fred, he's training the “hell outta” all of St. Michael's Archangels and after an intense day with him, they’re all enjoying a beer together!

I would like to invite others to share their memories to honor his life and legacy. You may leave a comment below or email us here and we will add to this page dedicated to the memory of Frederick C. Hatfield.   Thank you for sharing. 

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Frederick 'Dr. Squat' Hatfield

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Frederick 'Dr. Squat' Hatfield

Dr. Sal Arria

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